3 reasons the Chicago Bears are struggling to find a trade for Justin Fields

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2. Which teams need a quarterback this offseason?

The quarterback market is like a game of musical chairs. Everyone needs to find a seat, and if you do not, you are standing out and you lose. That is the Chicago Bears right now. Let's go through all of the teams. Buffalo and Miami have their guy, and if New York gets Aaron Rodgers they do, too. With the New England Patriots picking third, they are a sleeper for Fields, but likely to go quarterback in the draft. There goes one division. 

Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Cleveland are locked into big-money quarterbacks, and Pittsburgh is interested in Russell Wilson. Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Jacksonville all drafted quarterbacks in the past couple of years. 

Kansas City and Los Angeles have big names, Denver cannot afford his option year with what they are paying Russell Wilson, and Las Vegas hired Luke Getsy, who we know is not a fit for Fields. 

In the NFC, the Eagles and Cowboys have their man while Washington and New York are picking high enough that they hope to get their guy in the draft. 

Minnesota stands out as a wild card, but they inter-division. Detroit and Green Bay have their guy. Tampa Bay is working on Baker Mayfield and may resort to Fields later. Atlanta is working on Kirk Cousins and may resort to Fields later. Carolina and New Orleans are locked into their guy.

The Rams have their guy, and so do the 49ers. Arizona has Kyler Murray, and Seattle has Geno Smith. Who really is interested in adding Justin Fields to this list? The answer is teams who miss out on their top plan, as well as teams who are looking for a backup. This is not what Chicago expected.