3 sleeper trade partners with Chicago Bears in Justin Fields trade

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The Chicago Bears are leaving the NFL Scouting Combine with a lot more information regarding the Justin Fields trade situation than they had just a week prior. Unfortunately for Bears fans, most of the information is not good

The team is obviously going to trade him, and everyone knows it. Beyond that, the demand is not quite there from multiple teams, so the compensation is looking lower than expected. The usual suspects, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons, are not as hot as some expected. If these two teams really are out, who are the sleepers who could sweep in and add Justin Fields on the cheap?

3. Will the New York Giants trade for Justin Fields

The New York Giants are not discussed as much as other teams, but they would make too much sense to trade for Justin Fields. First, they have Daniel Jones, who is recovering from an ACL injury. The team also has to have little confidence in him after he turned back into a pumpkin in his limited sample last year. So, Jones may not be ready for week one, and even if he was, he should not be given a starting job. In comes Justin Fields. 

The Giants are paying Jones $47M against the cap, but they have to view that money as gone and not worry about spending more if it means adding a quarterback. Beyond that, they paid nearly the same amount as Justin Fields's rookie contract for Tyrod Taylor to be a backup last year. Jones is making more this year, but they have to spend at quarterback somehow. Do they want to put $9M into Taylor again or take a swing at Fields? 

This is where it gets interesting. Fields can start week one due to Jones' injury. The Giants can and will pick up his fifth-year option. If he wins the job, the team would eat $22M to move on from Daniel Jones, but they would save $19M, which is most of the fifth-year option for Fields. 

If Fields bombs, they are stuck paying Jones and Fields $47M in 2025, but they were stuck doing that with Jones regardless. At least now they have one more swing at a quarterback. If the draft cost is not bad, the money can be smoothed out. Do not be surprised if the Giants swoop in and make a move when the time is right.