4 teams most likely to trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields

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The Chicago Bears are most likely going to trade Justin Fields this offseason. They may take it up until draft weekend, but it is still more likely than not that they take a quarterback first and move on from Fields. If they do, who are the teams that would be most likely to add him?

4. The Las Vegas Raiders make sense to acquire Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears

The Las Vegas Raiders are in a tough spot when it comes to quarterback. It seems clear that while Aiden O’Connell had moments, the team cannot move forward with him as their starter. They already benched Jimmy Garoppolo for O’Connell, and the names who brought in Garopolo are already gone. Worse than that, they cannot draft a quarterback at their current draft slot, at least not a quarterback that did not fall in the draft. 

So, what do they do? Trade for Justin Fields. First, it makes sense because Champ Kelly has emerged as a favorite for the General Manager job. Kelly was the assistant director of player personnel for the Chicago Bears when they traded up for Fields, so there has to be some belief in Fields in that building. 

The Raiders do hire Antonio Pierce as their head coach as well, Fields would fit the personality of the team, which would be to run the ball and play defense. With Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams, it would be one of the best situations that Fields could fall into. 

The Raiders have to make things official at both General Manager and Head Coach before we start quarterback, but if things go as planned, we can plan on rumors of Fields to Las Vegas heating up.