2 OC hires that would signal Chicago Bears keeping Justin Fields, 1 that would not

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The Chicago Bears will start to interview offensive coordinator candidates in the coming weeks. While it will have to be a specific fit due to the coaching staff in place, there are a lot of different options because the team could go in so many directions at quarterback. 

While the coordinator hiring may not have a direct impact on whether the team keeps Justin Fields or not, two names would lead to Fields being an obvious keeper candidate, while one offensive coordinator would mean the Chicago Bears will move on.

3. If the Chicago Bears hired Greg Roman, they’d have to keep Justin Fields

If the Chicago Bears wanted to keep Justin Fields and continue with what his strengths are, the best option may be Greg Roman. Roman is most known for his work with Lamar Jackson in recent years. The Ravens did let Roman go, but he also was the coordinator when Jackson won the MVP in 2019. 

Roman also worked with the Buffalo Bills when they had Tyrod Taylor, and he got his first big break in the NFL with Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers. He turned Colin Kaepernick into a prolific dual-threat quarterback. 

The issue with Roman is that in all three stops, he eventually got figured out, and the teams had to move on. However, in all three stops, he got the most out of a running quarterback, and those quarterbacks were at their best with Roman. It may be a short shelf life, but Justin Fields did not have a play-caller work around his skill set. Getting that for a few years while he continues to develop may help this roster in a big way. 

Hiring Roman would mean that Justin Fields is here to say when you look at how he has handled similar quarterbacks in the past.