Do the Chicago Bears need to hire an offensive coordinator with experience?

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The Chicago Bears could go in a lot of directions in terms of their quarterback situation, and therefore, their offensive coordinator situation is wide open as well. Will they hire one of the young, up-and-coming names, or will they bring in the old guard to have a trusted name beside either a rookie or Justin Fields?

Should the Chicago Bears hire an experienced offensive coordinator?

While there are arguments for both, if the Chicago Bears are going to stick with Matt Eberflus, they may want to lean toward a veteran play-caller. The reason is that Eberflus has shown that he is a much better defensive coordinator than he is a head coach at this point. 

Even Ryan Poles admitted that Eberflus has areas to improve in as a head coach, but this is only his second year, and he went from being the CEO-type to calling the defense overnight. 

Still, Eberflus may still call the defense, and with his mind over there more, he was managing the overall game less. So, he needed an experienced offensive playcaller to handle some of the game situations that he may have missed out on when he was working with the defense. That is why Luke Getsy proved to be unready for the job.

It could prove why the Bears go with an older name. That play-caller could control the pace, and Eberflus would know that they are in sync with game management and know when to run the clock out or speed things up with heavy passing down the field.

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Some veteran names to watch for would include Frank Reich, Jim Caldwell, Greg Roman, and Eric Bienemy. Even some of the names may be enticed to come with the assistant head coach role, knowing that in reality, it will be Eberflus with the defense, them with the offense, and Eberflus just being the head coach to handle the press conferences and culture. This may be the best route to go for a head coach like Eberflus.