4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators with strong connections to Matt Eberflus

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The Chicago Bears decided to fire offensive coordinator Luke Getsy while retaining head coach Matt Eberflus. This decision puts a lot of confidence in Eberflus because this is an impactful offseason, considering the Bears have the number one overall pick.

Giving Eberflus control of the team in this way should mean that he is going to have a pretty big say in how he rebuilds the offensive staff. Which up-and-coming coaches are the best offensive coordinator options for the Bears while also having a connection to Matt Eberflus?

4. The Chicago Bears could hire Marcus Brady as their offensive coordinator 

Marcus Brady is a name that should be brought up often in the coming weeks. Brady is currently a senior offensive assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles, so the closest thing to be an offensive coordinator without being one. 

Brady has been with the Eagles for two seasons, so his success around an offense involving Jalen Hurts has to be brought up. Also, he coached under Nick Siranni for the past two years, and Sirianni once worked in Kansas City with Ryan Poles. 

More than that, Sirianni worked with the Indianapolis Colts when Marcus Brady was there back in 2018. Brady came in as the assistant quarterback coach and moved up to quarterback coach in 2019. Brady took over as the Colts offensive coordinator when Sirianni left in 2021.

With the Colts' coaching staff changes, he just rejoined Sirianni. Still, during the same time he was in the Colts building with Sirianni, he was in there with Matt Eberflus as well. 

Brady spent four years with Matt Eberflus. He is qualified to be an offensive coordinator and has experience, but he is currently not an offensive coordinator, so the job would be appealing. The ability to work with a mobile quarterback in recent years is a big plus as well and makes him a top-notch candidate.