3 signs Chicago Bears are ready to draft Caleb Williams and trade Justin Fields 

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The Chicago Bears are going to draft Caleb Williams and trade Justin Fields at some point soon this offseason. Some fans still want to deny it, but every day that goes by shows that the team is more focused on staying at number one. Every interview with the team sounds different than the year prior when they did trade the pick. 

With the Chicago Bears at the NFL combine this week, what are the biggest signs that the team will move on from Justin Fields to draft Caleb Williams?

3. Matt Eberflus described the fatal flaw of Justin Fields' game in recent years

Matt Eberflus was asked what the Chicago Bears needed out of the quarterback position. His answer was very telling. He stated that they needed a quarterback who could succeed in the fourth quarter and end-of-game scenarios. If you have been paying attention, that is the opposite of Justin Fields. 

Fields can play from ahead, and his team can win blowouts, but when they are trailing late, they are done. He is one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL in the fourth quarter and has 10 touchdowns to 16 interceptions. The Chicago Bears have lost too many close games because their quarterback played well for three quarters and then fell apart. This almost cost Matt Eberflus his job. 

This is a contrast from last year, where Matt Eberflus also brought up shortcomings that Fields had but mentioned specifically being able to work on those. He mentioned Fields getting the ball out quicker and avoiding sacks. Fields did those things, and the fourth quarter shortcomings still came. 

Now, Eberflus is not saying what Fields can do better; he is saying what he wants from his quarterback, and that is not what Fields does. He made it clear with this comment.