4 positions Chicago Bears must address in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Chicago Bears must leave the 2024 NFL Draft with these needs crossed off.

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3. The Chicago Bears need some help at edge rusher

The Chicago Bears have slowly but surely built up this edge rusher room. Montez Sweat was a big trade, and DeMarcus Walker was signed in free agency last season. They just signed Jacob Martin this offseason, and he is more viewed as depth. Lastly, the Bears drafted Dominique Robinson. 

Robinson is entering his third year, so the team may not be ready to give up on him yet. He was always going to be someone who needed patience; that was known when he was drafted. Still, the Bears did not see any progress from year one to year two, and they have to be thinking about a better option. 

In a perfect world, they can draft someone who pushes Walker down the totem pole into the third edge rusher spot. He is best as a rotational threat who can slide inside and out. However, even adding someone who can mix in with Walker as a third rusher, or at the very worst, upgrade over Robinson. An edge rusher has to get drafted at some point next month.