4 questions surrounding the Chicago Bears 9th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

Answering the questions that the Chicago Bears will have regarding their second first-round selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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Question No.2: Could the Bears move up to get the blue player they want? And at what cost?

The Bears are used to trading down. But will they move up for a guy like Marvin Harrison Jr
if he is somehow available?

Former NFL GM turned ESPN Analyst recently posted a wild mock draft where he had the Bears drafting probably the best player in this draft regardless of the position with the 9th pick. You think that is crazy? He has the Arizona Cardinals, where many draft experts have them picking Harrison with their 4th overall pick the entire off-season, drafting quarterback J.J. McCarthy, and trading quarterback Kyler Murray to the Minnesota Vikings for their 11th pick.

The Minnesota Vikings could still move up to the 4th pick and draft a quarterback, which would eliminate Arizona from taking Harrison. But the Los Angeles Chargers picking 5th, who lost both Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, and the New York Giants picking 6th could still pick him. Even if Harrison has been absent from the traditional workouts prospects usually do in either the NFL Combine or Pro Day, it would be hard to imagine the NFL circle holding it against him, causing his stock to drop. But we have seen crazier things happen on draft night.

Pairing Caleb Williams with any top 3 receivers in this year's draft would be a dream scenario for the Bears to help accelerate his development. The Bears have been wrong whenever they drafted quarterbacks for a long time and Ryan Poles is determined not to make the same mistakes by having plenty of weapons and protections for Williams to start his career.

Could he send the 2025 2nd-round pick from Carolina and their 2024 4th-round pick(122nd) to move up to the top 5 with the Los Angeles Chargers while getting their 4th(105th) and 5th-round pick(140th) in return? It would be ironic that Jim Harbaugh would make a deal to help the Bears. But for a talent like Marvin Harrison Jr, the price could be worth it. But does Poles see it that way?