5 reasons Jim Harbaugh would’ve been a great hire for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears could've kicked the tires on Jim Harbaugh to see if he had any interest in coming back to the NFL. They didn't, but they'll wish they did sooner or later.

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Reason No. 4 Jim Harbaugh would be a great hire for the Chicago Bears: Harbaugh has experience across the board

Something the Chicago Bears were looking for in the coordinators they were interviewing was experience. And if experience is what they want, experience is what Jim Harbaugh has.

In college, Harbaugh coached for 13 years, while in the NFL, he coached four.

The stint in the NFL was much shorter, however, the experience is there. Harbaugh was able to garner some valuable experience in his short time with the 49ers, as he coached eight playoff games, including a Super Bowl.

Matt Eberflus has coached the Bears to zero playoff appearances, though not solely on him. The difference in roster between the two teams is large, but the point remains the same.

If experience is really what the Chicago Bears were after, that's another check that Jim Harbaugh checks. So far, each of their wants, Jim Harbaugh has. As for why he wasn't ever brought in for an interview— or even reached out to, for that matter— shows the Bears never had any plan to move on from Matt Eberflus.