5 best options if Chicago Bears want an experienced offensive coordinator 

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There is a case to be made that the Chicago Bears would need to hire a more experienced offensive coordinator during this time of change. The move makes sense because while Eberflus is a great defensive coordinator, he needs to improve as a head coach. Could someone with head coaching experience or someone who is qualified to be a coach make this transition easier for Eberflus, especially if he plans to call the defense?

If the Bears do go down this route, there are a few names to consider. 

5. The Chicago Bears could entice Eric Bienemy to join the staff 

One of the best options for the Chicago Bears would be Eric Bienemy. Just two years ago, fans were disappointed because the team did not hire Bienemy as their head coach. Now, fans could have their cake and eat it, too, as they keep Eberflus and his defense but pick up Bienemy and his offense.

Bienemy has never been a head coach, but last year, he was named assistant head coach and was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders. That is after being the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator since 2018 and being on their staff since 2013. 

So, he has years of experience and has coached teams in the playoffs. More than that, he has that assistant head coach title that could be smart to bring to an Eberflus-led team. The assistant head coach title, along with getting to draft a quarterback or pick Justin Fields, will entice someone like Bienemy, who was a hot head coaching name just a year ago. 

Things did not go well in Washington, but Bienemy was tied to Sam Howell. Now, he may get to pick his quarterback and get his name back in the head coaching mix with the Chicago Bears.