5 takeaways for the Chicago Bears from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0

Daniel Jeremiah gives insight into who the Chicago Bears could be selecting with their two first-round picks in his Mock Draft 1.0. How do we feel?

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Chicago Bears' takeaway No. 4: The Bears miss out on the top 3 WRs

According to Mock Draft 1.0, there is a run of wide receivers that causes the Bears to walk away from round one without a wide receiver to pair with their new quarterback.

A name that emerged as a common No. 9 selection for the Bears is Rome Odunze from Washington. Odunze is an incredible receiver who would pair perfectly with D.J. Moore, but if Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0 is true, there will only be hypothetical situations where these two receivers have 1,000-yard seasons for life together on the Bears.

In the modern NFL, if a team wants to be at the top of the ranks, having multiple playmakers at receiver is a must. D.J. Moore is clearly an incredible receiver, however, under Luke Getsy's most recent season of work, there really wasn't another receiver who made a big impact.

For example, the Chicago Bears completed 321 passes all season. Of those 321, D.J. Moore caught 96. For those who can't do that math in their head like myself, Moore accounted for 30% of completed passes.

Looking at the other receivers, Darnell Mooney, had fewer receptions than Roschon Johnson, a backup runningback in a three-way rotation. Let's not forget that Darnell Mooney is the second receiver in this offense.

"Oh, Dakota! They probably played the same amount of snaps!"

Ha! I'm one step ahead of you. To Darnell Mooney's 766 offensive snaps, Roschon Johnson had 395 offensive snaps. This isn't a jab at Darnell Mooney, either. Mooney clearly has talent, as he was a 1,000-yard receiver in 2021. It's to show that the system was very poor in Chicago last season, and Darnell Mooney was a victim of it.

System matters just as much as talent. But along that same line, if the Bears miss out on the top three receivers, Poles better have a laundry list of receivers outside the top guys who can offer as much support.