A Chicago Bears Mock draft with lots of trades in the 2024 NFL draft

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This 2024 mock draft for the Chicago Bears, the last one I'll be presenting, has been a fascinating endeavor. I've set aside two thousand-plus-word articles to bring you this one. It's been a challenge to balance what I think Ryan Poles will do, what I want him to do, and what most fans expect him to do. Perhaps Ryan Poles is eyeing an early playmaker, but that's the Chicago Bears fan love, in my opinion. Matt Eberflus, on the other hand, suggests a pass rusher on the defensive line as the early priority.

Those conflicting issues are likely why the Chicago Bears have broken into teams to argue the points on what the Chicago Bears should do with the ninth overall selection. You have coaching, scouts, managers, and analytics at play here. This year is a pivotal year for the Chicago Bears. Over the last 40 years, the Chicago Bears have missed on all of their quarterbacks drafted. I wrote an article early on about how I don't believe they have taken enough swings at quarterback each year, and I believe I am right. Something I didn't take into consideration was when these quarterbacks were drafted in each class.

In 1999, the first round of the draft saw five quarterbacks being selected, with the Bears picking Cade McNown as the fifth quarterback taken (12th overall). Mitch Trubisky was the only quarterback they've taken as the first one off the board. While this isn't an excuse (though it could be seen as one), it's a reminder of how challenging it is to find a successful quarterback. Over the past 40 years, the Bears could have taken more risks in their quarterback selections.

At least Jim McMahon was the second quarterback taken in his class and fifth overall. I am not here to talk you into Caleb Williams. We know that is the guy. So, the problem of drafting the top quarterback prospect isn't an issue this season. The next issue is how the Bears and Ryan Poles make sure he succeeds. The fan in me wanted to give him Jared Verse (I mocked him last year). Bears fans want a weapon like Rome Odunze. Well, my last guess of the year won't be either of them. This mock draft will directly help Caleb Williams in the most powerful ways. First, we need to draft the quarterback.