A Chicago Bears Mock draft with lots of trades in the 2024 NFL draft

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Jackson Powers-Johnson IOL Oregon 19th overall

You will rarely see me have multiple mock drafts with the same player going to the Chicago Bears. But in this case, I am certain that the offensive line is going to win the battle. Maybe selecting him as the ninth overall pick was a little high, but I felt he was in strong consideration at the time, and the Bears didn't have a center on the roster at the time. Caleb Williams needs to be the focal point. We can talk about Keenan Allen being in Chicago for one season over and over again. 

The fact is, he is here. If he gets hurt, that is an entirely different argument that crumbles the team regardless. Also, you are mistaken if Ryan Poles doesn't want to extend him for a year or two. Will he? Who knows. 2023 Caleb Williams was running for his life. Something I hated watching, which is why I had him third on the list of quarterback prospects early this year. I needed to see him play instructor, but he couldn't. 

That poor guy had people in his face as much as Justin Fields has. The Chicago Bears offensive line is getting better, but it's not good by all means. Jackson Powers-Johnson is the best offensive lineman in this class. Joe Alt plays a more important position, but don't mix that up with JPJ not being the best. I would mock Alt to the Bears, but that is as silly as not mocking Caleb Williams as the first overall selection.