A Chicago Bears Mock draft with lots of trades in the 2024 NFL draft

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Adisa Isaac DE Penn State 52nd overall

Like most teams, the Chicago Bears go back to the boards after day one and figure out the best moves for day two. I was hoping a receiver would slip far enough to move up a little bit, but that was to no avail. I have done a lot of mock drafts trying to figure out the best movements. The Bears would have to move up to the 30s to get Ladd McConkey, Xavier Legette, or Xavier Worthy. I know that the Bears know that; now you know that. This could truly be a spot to grab another offensive lineman, but the shuffling can already happen with JPJ. He can play guard until he is ready to play center, much like someone like Kiran Amegadjie could play guard if he isn't ready for tackle. It would be overkill to draft him.

The Chicago Bears have two young defensive tackles who need to be given a shot. Most interior guys don't have crazy good rookie years, and replacing them after one year is insane unless you get a big upgrade. Do you know who has 44 pressures over the last two seasons and is going unwatched? Isaac! Montez Sweat needs a running mate. Dallas Turner could be one, but Tez's help doesn't need to be that high profile. Tez is the number one edge defender and rusher on the Bears. All he needs is some assistance.

Isaac fits that profile. His teammate, Chop Robinson, got all the glory because of his athletic abilities. And believe me, that would be the selection if he were available. But Isaac is the more productive player and a very good run-stopper. If you know Matt Eberflus, then you understand that he wants to stop the run to force the pass. What good is having a pass rusher who can't consistently stop the run? Next pick, we have another trade.