A Chicago Bears Mock draft with lots of trades in the 2024 NFL draft

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Michael Hall Jr. DT Ohio State 106th overall

Hall Jr. to the Chicago Bears in this mock is probably my second-most-question selection. I debated between him, Javon Solomon of Troy, and Cam Hart of Norte Dame. I still think Cam Hart is in play in the fourth round as a safety. Anywho, Hall Jr. brings versatility like Zaach Pickens and Dexter Gervon but at a similar size to Travis Bell. A lot of people feel that Hall Jr. isn't heavy enough, but he lists as 6'3 290 pounds. Oh, and he is only 20 years old, so he can still add some of that age weight.

Do you want an interior pass rusher? Hall Jr. is one of a few guys in this draft class. He needs to work on his ability to stop the run. He is a better pass rusher than Dexter and Pickens but a worse run defender. Let's use a basketball reference. Dexter is more of a powerful center, while Hall Jr. is a crafty, fast power forward. Hall Jr. has a high ceiling and won't have to plunge into the starting role anytime soon. Adding Hall Jr. and Adisa Issac will improve the Bear's pass rush tenfold since they already have a star in Tez.

Another trade is going to happen just to add some depth. But this next player was falling a little too far, and the Bears don't need three draft picks in this class between rounds six and seven. The trade.

Bears Received: R5:171

Eagles Received: R6:180 R7:242 (needed to get the salary cap under control in the future)