A Chicago Bears Mock draft with lots of trades in the 2024 NFL draft

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Late day three Bear picks with a trade up

Nehemiah Pritchett DB Auburn 171st overall

The Chicago Bears need a returner. Pritchett is a jack of all trades, utility defender, and weapon. I am not certain that Auburn knew how to use him. He is a firey speed demon who knows how to make defenders miss and has all the athletic tools to become a valuable cornerback. The biggest reason Pritchett might fall in the draft is that if he is asked to start in the NFL on day one, he will probably be out of the league after his rookie contract ends.

Pritchett can't tackle very well and uses his athletic ability to match up with defenders. He reeks of the talent of a free safety. I wonder if he could be a developmental-free safety behind Kevin Byard while being a starting returner at the next level. I am not saying we have a new Devin Hester on our hands. That would set up Caleb Williams to be Rex Grossman, and we don't want that. But Pritchett is worth the gamble on with his upside.

Jaheim Bell TE Florida State 182nd overall

Last but not least, Jaheim Bell is the seventh player for this Chicago Bears mock draft. The Bears started with four draft picks and finished with seven. That would be a typical Ryan Poles-like draft. Four draft picks just don't fit his flavor. I honestly don't know if Bell will be available this late. The mock draft simulator said yes, but he has too many tools to be around this late. Shane Waldron likes to use tight ends in a variety of ways. For being 240 pounds, Bell isn't the fastest guy (4.61 40-yard dash), but he isn't slow.

Bell can be used all over the field. He is built more like an overweight receiver. The Chicago Bears have invested in top 30 visits with the two top-move tight ends. Since they weren't available where I wanted to draft them, I thought, why not grab one late since he is still available? I don't need to get too much into Bell unless he is the draft pick. But imagine having a solid replacement for Gerald Everett on the squad in the future.