4 notable absences from Chicago Bears first OTA practice

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears were able to get together as a full team for their first OTA session. There will be three weeks of on-again, and off-again practices before another short break which leads to training camp.

Chicago Bears get near full attendance at OTAs

Training camp will be when things really get settled, and these sessions are more of preparation so that the first day of training camp is not a loss. With that in mind, these are also voluntary sessions, so while the majority of the team did report, others did not, and they did not have to.

Some names to keep an eye on, as they missed the first day of OTAs include Nate Davis, Darnell Mooney, Eddie Jackson, and Jaylon Johnson.

For Mooney and Jackson, these are easy to gloss over. Yes, they are big names, but both of them had season-ending injuries last year, and neither of them appears to be set to be ready to get back on the field. Jackson is a bit ahead of Mooney, and both of them should be ready by training camp, but these two are working on rehab, and therefore were not expected to show up.

Jaylon Johnson is the most notable name to watch. He is in the final year of his rookie salary contract, and the Chicago Bears have probably at least approached him to let them know where they stand in regard to a longer-term contract.

So, Johnson is in a tough spot regarding showing up to OTAs. He may have made progress on a contract, and an injury could be devastating just days or weeks away from securing a long-term deal. Even if he was not offered, this only furthers his desire to stay away. He knows that the Chicago Bears do not view him as a long-term piece, so an injury at this point would crush him. He may be a player who does not show up until it is mandatory.

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Nate Davis is the last one, which is interesting. He did not need an excuse, and we do not have one, but he is the only one without an apparent reason for missing. Davis is slated to start at right guard, and considering he is a free agent signing, the team would like to get him into the room to work. Ja'Tyre Carter took most of the snaps today, indicating he is the backup right guard.