Adam Schefter drops 4 truth bombs regarding the Chicago Bears

With the NFL Draft process in full swing, Adam Schefter provides information regarding the Chicago Bears, the No. 1 pick, and Caleb Williams.

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Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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Chicago Bears' truth bomb No. 3: The Bears like Caleb Williams, Caleb Williams likes the Bears

One of the main points of conflict between the Chicago Bears and Caleb Williams is the allegation that he doesn't want to be on the Bears. Caleb Williams has yet to publicly say that in any way, but the rumor is still out there.

Apparently, Caleb Williams' dad had to call Colin Cowherd to clear up the comments that gave this rumor legs.

Ian Rapoport has also come to Williams' defense on these claims on social media, which gives even more reason to believe there's no anti-Bears agenda from Caleb Williams.

Now, with Waddle and Silvy, Schefter claims there's no disinterest between Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears. In fact, Adam Schefter believes the Chicago Bears will stay at No. 1 and draft Caleb Williams to be their presumed franchise quarterback.

If Ryan Poles values Caleb Williams the same way most draft evaluators do, it's not shocking to see another person think Williams is a great quarterback. There's work to do, but the skills that are present are impressive.