An update on Caleb Williams meetings with the Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams and DJ Moore are about to be best friends.
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The quarterback change that the Chicago Bears have embarked on this offseason is unlike any change the team has experienced in the past.

Whether it was moving from Kyle Orton to Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler to Mitch Trubisky, or Mitch Trubisky to Justin Fields, in each instance, there was a clear belief that the Bears were making an upgrade at the quarterback position. Each of those changes brought on excitement from not only the fanbase but the players within the Bears' locker room.

The quarterback change from Justin Fields to Caleb Williams is different in the sense that many of the players within the locker room were invested in the development of Fields and believed that he was the quarterback to take the team from rebuilding to a playoff contender.

That would be the reason why this week was an important first step for Williams as he begins to take over as the face of the franchise for the Bears at the quarterback position. Williams had his Pre-Draft visit with the Bears at Halas Hall this week and that included getting some time in with wide receiver DJ Moore.

"Still, there are some interesting tidbits from his 30 visit with the team the other night. One is that he went with a dinner group separate from some of the other draft prospects in town, and with not just the team brass, but some veteran players. Then, the next day, for the first time this offseason, top receiver DJ Moore was in the building. Therein were opportunities for the Bears to see their prospective new quarterback around the older guys he will have to lead, and for Williams himself to get to know his new teammates.

For what it’s worth, the feedback I got back on how all that went was very positive."

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

While Moore was brought to Chicago, in part, to help the Bears in their final evaluation of Fields, it will be his relationship with Williams that will serve as the cornerstone of the team's offense for the seasons to come.

Williams has impressed during each part of the Bears' evaluations of the quarterbacks availabe in this year's draft class. The final hurdle that will be cleared is when the Bears send their draft card in on the night of the draft and officially select Williams with the first overall selection.

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