Another bad loss to the Packers must mean something for the Chicago Bears

After another embarassing loss to the Green Bay Packers to end the season, will the Bears organization to stop accepting mediocrity and move on from Matt Eberflus? We are going to find out soon.

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
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New year, same old Chicago Bears. Am I right?

That's what many fans probably felt after the Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers 17-9. But do not let the score fool you about Sunday's performance. The game looked similar to the Week 1 loss, in terms of field performance not much the scoreboard, and some might find this loss even worse than the Week 1 loss.

A lot has been made about Matt Eberflus' future, with most reports indicating that he was coming back next season though it was not 100% assured. This game was supposed to be the biggest game of his coaching career. And yet the entire team didn't look prepared and lacked urgency throughout the game. This game could have changed his narrative and shown their progress. Instead, we all feel angry and uncertain about this team entering the off-season.

The Carolina Panthers were able to put up 30 points against the same Packers and almost came out victorious a few weeks ago. Think about that.

It is fitting that the Bears get beaten by the same Packers to end the season the same way they started the season with a season-opening loss against the same Green Bay Packers. We witnessed most of the same from that game: Bad play calling, bad defense, and bad tackling. Our Matt(Eberflus) getting outcoached by their Matt(LaFleur) again. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy made defensive coordinator Joe Barry look like the late Buddy Ryan.