Another bad loss to the Packers must mean something for the Chicago Bears

After another embarassing loss to the Green Bay Packers to end the season, will the Bears organization to stop accepting mediocrity and move on from Matt Eberflus? We are going to find out soon.

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Another loss to the Packers should force the Bears to re-think their decision on Matt Eberflus

With the 2023 season officially over now, both Kevin Warren and Ryan Poles are now on the clock. Warren was in attendance during the Packers game, and Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports mentionedWarren is in favor of stability, compared with Dick Vermeil needing time to win the Super Bowl with the then St. Louis Rams.

With all due respect, Warren comparing Eberflus with a Hall Of Fame head coach, who took the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl before, and won the Super Bowl with the Rams is too far-fetched. Sure, Eberflus is a decent defensive coach, who did a decent job after taking over Alan Williams. But once again, his conservativeness came back to bite him in this game.

His defense had only one sack, tackled poorly the entire game, and was shredded by Jordan Love thanks to Tampa 2 soft zone coverage that allowed them to put themselves in favorable third-down situations. This is who Matt Eberflus is. He can scapegoat Luke Getsy, and several other assistants all he wants. But asking him to change is like asking The Kardashians to stop doing reality shows. They can't and won't change who they are because that's how they got here.

The fact that he stuck by Luke Getsy as an offensive coordinator this long is a fireable offense. He never showed enough improvements with his play calling and Sunday's game was a pinnacle of his incompetency. Consistently running up the middle on second downs when the interior offensive line was dominated and setting up third and long, which they gave up five sacks, four in the first half alone. His resistance to moving Fields and leaving him in the pocket was absolutely criminal.

The Bears coaching job should not be seen as a place where coaches can get a free pass for mistakes they keep making until they finally learn something. But after two years, we have seen enough that they can't make in-game adjustments, and can't beat teams with a winning record because of the coaching disadvantage.