Are the Atlanta Falcons the best fit to trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields? 

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There is still debate about whether the Chicago Bears will trade Justin Fields or hold onto him. While the team will likely trade him, there are still plenty of questions about which team will acquire him and how much the Bears will get back. One team that has constantly been a contender for Fields is the Atlanta Falcons. Do they fit as a Justin Fields trade destination?

Will the Atlanta Falcons trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields?

They look like one of the most obvious options when you break it down. With Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts, the team has potential high-end skill players at every position. They also have an offensive line that would be an upgrade for Fields. This offensive line happens to be developed to excel in the running game, and the Falcons hired Zac Robinson, who comes from the Sean McVay tree, as offensive coordinator. That tree focuses on the run game in a major way. 

It is a great schematic fit, and it makes more sense on paper. The Falcons have cap space, and their space is about to open up in a big way next year if they need to pick up the fifth-year option or extend Fields. 

They are also in that weird spot where their record is so good that they are going to struggle to draft a quarterback. If any team has to add a veteran right now, with the chance to instantly turn things around and make the playoffs, it is the Atlanta Falcons. They could add Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins, but those are going to cost more, with more downside and a higher cost on the salary cap.

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For Wilson, he may not have the same magic after two down years, and for Cousins, he is coming off of a serious season-ending injury. Fields is young, healthy, and ascending. Not many teams make more sense to trade for Justin Fields.