Caleb Williams continues to look like a seasoned veteran as a rookie

The rookie QB gave us some insight on his plans during off-time, before training camp.
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

On Wednesday, the Chicago Bears held a handful of media sessions that included rookie quarterback Caleb Williams and head coach Matt Eberflus.

Coach Eberflus raved about Williams' ability to learn and process information quickly and how he's been able to pick up the scheme thus far. He actually said the same about wide receiver Rome Odunze, which should give fans all the warm and fuzzies.

When it came to Williams' time, one particular segment stood out, and that happene to be when the rookie talked about the next five weeks of summer.

The Bears are scheduled to kick off training camp in about five weeks' time, which means the players will have that long of a break. However, in the NFL, there's rarely an 'off day.' And, in Williams' case, he's making plans for he and some of his teammates to continue putting in the work.

It isn't just the offensive guys Williams is planning to have working together during their break, though. He confirmed that he also expects some defensive players to come out and work with them, which is pretty telling that the culture within the building has shifted drastically in just a year's time.

Caleb Williams' downtime plans continue to prove the culture has dramatically shifted within the Bears organization

Compared to a year ago, the Bears are a different team altogether. The organization has a completely different feel to it. There is reason not only for hope, but a justifiable expectation for success -- and soon.

Williams might be a rookie, but he's already proving he can be a humble leader with a burning passion to be great. All he's done since his arrival in Chicago is listen, learn and stay hungry. He has led by example, and the example he's setting even for the veterans is a remarkable one.

Many players will work out with teammates during their down time, but for Williams to be doing it as a rookie, and including some of the key veterans, speaks volumes. The Bears have found a guy they can all lean on. As general manager Ryan Poles recently put it, Williams is someone a team can "win because of," not in spite of.

Humble, hungry and (hopefully) a winner. The Bears got their guy, that's for sure.