Caleb Williams comes to the rescue of a lucky Bears fan in legendary fashion

The city of Chicago continues to love this guy more and more.
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The night of the 2024 NFL Draft changed everything for the Chicago Bears and their fan base. As soon as the Caleb Williams pick was announced, countless fans went online to order that jersey.

That's what fans do, right? Your team makes a move that could change the face of the franchise forever, so that jersey has to be ordered as soon as possible.

One particular Bears fan did just that. He ordered Williams' jersey on draft night. Unfortunately, he received some sad news about some issue with his order and, ultimately, was told he wouldn't receive said jersey until the regular season was in full swing.

After this Bears fan posted a message to his social media, tagging both the Bears and Williams, the rookie quarterback caught wind of the situation.

Caleb to the rescue.

Williams sent a personal video to this Bears fan, Connor, and assured him the jersey situation would be resolved:

"I heard there was a bit of confusion with the whole jersey situation, so just wanted to reach out and let you know that Fanatics said you will be one of the first to receive (the jersey)," Williams said.

Caleb Williams continues to prove every pre-draft critic wrong by walking the walk

Not only did Williams reach out to Fanatics in order to figure out this one fan's jersey mishap, but he and the Bears took it a step further.

"Got a little gift for you ... we'll be inviting you to a game on our behalf. Much love and thanks for the support. Go Bears," the rookie finished.

If only all of the critics offering their nonsensical opinions and conclusions in regards to Williams, his character and personality, could get a mic in front of them now. The folks who tore Williams to pieces based on ill-informed whispers, prior to the draft, are probably eating their words right now.

All this guy has done since coming to Chicago is to stay humble, hungry and display a positive attitude. He's clearly a team-first guy. He's clearly all about winning.

He is clearly all about the fans.

The guy gets it. Whether you liked or agreed with the pick a month and a half ago, Williams is making it tougher and tougher not to like him. Even his worst critic has to admit it, at this point.

The Bears got a good one.