Caleb Williams is already making it impossible for Bears fans to dislike him

How can you not love this guy already?
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Since being drafted number one overall to the Chicago Bears, quarterback Caleb Williams has certainly done his absolute best to embrace the city and fan base.

Prior to the draft, of course there were some misguided reports and criticisms regarding Williams. And because of those, a portion of the fan base was uneasy about the pick. Would Williams be ready for the spotlight? Is his attitude and personality fit for a pro?

There were countless questions that came into play, but all Williams has done is shoot down every single one of them since coming to Chicago. And, he's done it gracefully. He's done it by being himself. Williams has been nothing but a fun-loving, humble personality who is clearly hungry to win. It's hard not to like him, thus far.

Sunday afternoon, Williams gave us Bears fans yet another reason why we can put our faith in him as QB1. One Bears fan posted photos of Williams attending a youth football camp of his teammate, wide receiver D.J. Moore.

Caleb Williams is simply reciprocating what the Bears and his new teammates have shown him already

It should come as no surprise that Williams made an appearance at Moore's camp. Obviously, he wants to show his support for his guys. That's one of the things he's been most vocal about even dating all the way back, months ago, during the pre-draft process. He cares about his guys.

But, the Bears have shown they care about him, too. Don't forget, at Williams' pro day out at USC, wide receiver Keenan Allen showed up to support him, decked out in all Bears gear, just days after having been traded from the Chargers. No one demanded nor expected Allen to show up, but he did. He was there. He obviously knew the Bears were going to select Williams, just like the rest of the informed football world. And, he wanted to show out for his future teammate.

Williams' actions are a direct example of the Bears' culture at the moment. Things have changed drastically in the matter of just one year. We've gone from talking about Matt Eberflus losing his job to the head coach completely turning around the defense and now walking into the 2024 season with an offense likely to match the defense's intensity.

The culture is as positive as it's been in the last few years, and Williams' arrival is a big reason why. Ryan Poles has done a masterful job with the roster, but the coaches and players who are here, right now, are the reason why the culture is the way it is.

Kudos to Williams for only furthering the positive experience for everybody within the organization and city.