Bears Rumors: 3 contenders eyeing Jaylon Johnson at trade deadline

A brand-new report from an NFL insider has us wondering if Jaylon Johnson will in fact be traded

Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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After a prime time loss brought the Chicago Bears to a record of 2-6, it is now time to turn our full attention to Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

The Bears have long been thought to be a seller at the deadline this season, it is just a matter of which players will be sold at this point. Veteran cornerback Jaylon Johnson expressed interest in a new deal prior to the season, but the Bears have yet to give him one. Now, there are teams looking at Johnson as a possible trade target.

According to NFL insider Benjamin Allbright, there are three contending teams currently looking at Johnson. Despite some reports saying the Bears won't move him, let's look at the three teams and how he'd impact them.

1. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off of an impressive, blowout victory over the Los Angeles Rams and currently sit at 5-2, just behind the 7-1 Philadelphia Eagles. Earlier in the year, the Cowboys lost All Pro cornerback Trevon Diggs for the season. In his place, Stephon Gilmore has been stepping up. Daron Bland has also had a fantastic season thus far, totaling four interceptions and three defensive touchdowns.

But, the Cowboys could still make a move to further cement themselves as one of the better defenses in football. Getting Johnson might allow them to be creative, putting one of their top three corners in the nickel spot. Maybe that's Bland, where he could roam a bit more or be used in a versatile way since he's been such a ball hawk.

Landing Johnson would certainly help the Cowboys catch up to the Eagles and further solidify themselves as an NFC contender.