Bears schedule 2024: A dream scenario for Caleb Williams

It's actually the perfect scenario for Caleb Williams if he's who everyone thinks he is
Michael Reaves/GettyImages
Michael Reaves/GettyImages / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

With the NFL schedule release on Wednesday night, Chicago Bears fans were shocked to see how the Bears' schedule panned out.  

But in actuality, this is the perfect situation for Caleb Williams' rookie season. 

The Chicago Bears have a favorable schedule for Caleb Williams' first season

Williams has drawn plenty of hype for the Bears this season, and there's plenty of reason to believe so. He's an incredibly touted rookie quarterback with expectations to come into the NFL, wielding more tools than most rookie quarterbacks come into the league with. 

There's an expectation for rookie growing pains, but in the same vein, there's an expectation for Williams to prove why he's been projected to be the best prospect from this class for years. Now that his rookie season schedule is released, there's plenty of reason to see this as a highly favorable schedule for Williams and the Bears. 

Why is that, a reader might ask themselves? Great question. Let's dive in.

Through Williams' first 10 weeks of the season— when rookie mistakes are most likely to occur— the Chicago Bears have the No. 1 easiest schedule among all 32 teams in the NFL. So, if and when mistakes happen— which is probable— the repercussions of those mistakes will be less likely to matter as much.

For example, missing a read in a game against the Panthers in Week 5 is much smaller of an issue than missing a read against the Detroit Lions or San Francisco 49ers in Weeks 13-14.

By the time the Chicago Bears have to play a tougher portion of their schedule, the rookie-season jitters should be out of the way if Williams plays as expected.

Then, by the time the schedule gets tougher, there should be a level of confidence from the Chicago Bears and their rookie quarterback. That could make for more competitive games than if they came in Williams' first few games in the NFL.

It should be interesting to see if it pans out this way, but the writing is on the wall for a favorable schedule in the eyes of Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears.