Best available free agent WRs Bears can sign to give Caleb Williams even more

It never hurts to have options.
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As the expression goes, you can never have too much of a good thing. Whoever made that up was clearly talking about the 2024 Chicago Bears, because they knew that this was the year that the Bears would go all in and assemble one of the best wide receiver groups in the NFL.

They knew that GM Ryan Poles was going to trade for DJ Moore, then a year later get Keenan Allen and Rome Odunze. They knew this because they were very wise, which is why their expression has remained so timeless and pertinent.

So, despite the fact the the Bears already have one of the deeper wide receiver rooms in football, let's remember: you can never have too much of a good thing. Maybe DJ Moore gets hurt, or Rome Odunze isn't actually good, or Keenan Allen starts to look like a 32 year old who's been playing pro football for 10 years. Would it really hurt that much to have a WR1.4 on the roster? No! It wouldn't. And here are the Bears' best options.

Best available FA WRs Bears can sign to give Caleb Williams even more

1. Michael Thomas

Given where Thomas was a few years ago, it's kinda wild that he's being talked about as a bargain pick up. But the former Saints star is still very much available, and it's not hard to see why: since his 150-catch, 1700-yard season in 2019, he's only played in 20 games over the last four years. He's yet to go over 450 receiving yards in any season since, and after starting his career with at least 9 touchdowns in three of his first four seasons, he's only had four since. There'd be some real Chase Claypool vibes to this signing, but maybe that's not as big of a deal when you're not relying on him to be WR2. If there's one or two last good seasons left in Thomas, going to a place like Chicago would make at least some sense.

2. Hunter Renfrow

Renfrow feels like one of the few remaining free agent wide receivers who's going to make a team look smart this fall. He was an 1,000 yard receiver only two seasons ago, and it's not like anyone outside of Davante Adams managed to survive the Josh McDaniels era in one piece. He'd offer a different-ish skillset than the Bears' current three guys – as primarily a slot guy, he'd be an interesting backup YAC guy behind Moore, which would open up opportunities for Odunze and Allen down the field. And it's not like Renfrow's totally fallen off, either: his 1,000 yard season looks like an outlier at this point, but a lot of his other stats (YAC/R, Broken Tackles, Drop%) have remained surprisingly consistent as recently as last season. Plus, the local radio callers in Chicagoland trying to pronounce "Renfrow" would be worth the contract alone.

3. Julio Jones

Look, I'll be honest. This one doesn't make a ton of sense. It brings me no joy to point out just how washed it appears that Julio Jones is, but Football Reference doesn't lie. There's not really a great argument to be made that bringing in a wide receiver who hasn't been good in almost half a decade makes any sense (sorry Michael Thomas) but it's Julio Jones. It'd be fun. It'd get the people going. And it's not like he'd be epected to do that much. I know for a fact that Julio Jones has one (1) huge game left in him, and the Bears should just bring him in and wait for that to happen. Picture it now: it's early November, and the Bears are headed to Arizona for a boring, early-start matchup against one of the worst teams in football. Just when you think there's not a whole lot on to be interested in, Julio Jones goes off for 7 catches and 135 yards with two touchdowns. This immediately becomes the Julio Jones Bears game, and not a single person remembers whether they won or lost. They just remember Julio Jones putting up huge numbers in a Bears jersey. That's worth the vet's minimum.