5 best options if Chicago Bears want an experienced offensive coordinator 

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3. Would Matt Eberflus hire Frank Reich for the Chicago Bears?

This one has to be the most obvious right now. Frank Reich was an NFL coach as recently as four months ago. He has coached for two NFL franchises, and his first head coaching job may be what caused him to land back on his feet with the Chicago Bears. 

Reich took over the Indianapolis Colts, and while he inherited a staff that included Matt Eberflus, the two won a lot of games together. Eberflus could go from working under Reich to Reich working under Eberflus. 

Reich has experience with quarterbacks. While his last jobs did not go well, it was more of the head coaching duties and relationships with the owner that hurt things. His playcalling was much less discussed as the issue. 

So, with Eberflus as head coach, he can get back to what he does best. Still, he has that head coaching experience that can help Eberflus on gameday as well. More than that, he knows how to structure an offense that complements Eberflus's defense. Will these two reunite?