3 biggest areas of concern after Chicago Bears 0-2 start

Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears' 0-2 start this year is actually somehow worse than the year before because they started the season 1-0. They have lost 12 straight games. Last year, it was expected, but this year, the expectations were that a step would be taken. Now that the Bears are 0-2 and staring down 0-3, what are the biggest issues that should concern fans?

3. The Chicago Bears secondary is not living up to expectations

An underrated concern has to be the Chicago Bears' secondary. This was supposed to be a homegrown group. Eddie Jackson was extended, while Jaquan Brisker, Jaylon Johnson, Tyrique Stevenson, and Kyler Gordon were all second-round picks. Only Johnson was inherited by Ryan Pace.

Considering Poles drafted cornerbacks in the second round back-to-back years and added a second-round safety, the secondary had to be the strength of their team. Yes, they played Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Yes, the pass rush does not help. Still, Ryan Poles chose these guys over pass rushers because he thought he could win with this secondary. He cannot.

Jackson got hurt, another foot-related injury, which is concerning. Gordon is already hurt after an awful rookie season. Stevenson was abused by Mike Evans on Sunday, which is a tough ask. Still, the Bears cannot ask Jaylon Johnson to do much besides play one side and defend the sideline in zone. He is not great at moving around or defending in-breaking routes. Jaquan Brisker almost had a turnover, which I guess is nice.

The Chicago Bears had to rely on this unit, and it is failing them in a major way. They could not turn Baker Mayfield over or at least hold Mike Evans to 150 yards. This is concerning because a lot of the building blocks of the team were in that secondary Sunday.