6 biggest disappointments on Chicago Bears half way through 2023 season

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Justin Fields
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4. The Chicago Bears do not have enough answers about Justin Fields

This season was all about the Chicago Bears getting as many answers about Justin Fields as possible. They cannot enter the offseason with questions about his future on the team. We are ten weeks into the season, and the Amazon Prime cast was debating what the Bears should do about Fields. 

First, it looked like Fields’ days were numbered. He looked awful through about three weeks. In week four, he started to turn it around, and week five was his best game. Then, he got hurt in week six. 

The Chicago Bears are 2-2 with Tyson Bagent, but fans have also seen how limited Bagent is, and it is easy to see that the Bears would have won those games and maybe even the New Orleans game with Fields. 

So, now that the roster is better than it was in the first four weeks, can Fields play better as well? He has seven games to prove himself in a season where everything is on the line. The odds are that the team has to move on, but if the Panthers end up picking third or fourth, and the Bears win enough to get out of the top five, do they use those picks to help Fields and not replace him?

Can we please get a little more clarity?