Chicago Bears ensured that excuses end for Justin Fields in 2023

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Whether Justin Fields is the future of the Chicago Bears franchise or just a fun fantasy player for the next few years remains to be seen. However, we saw this offseason that at the very least we will walk away from the 2023 season knowing once and for all what Justin Fields can do.

Chicago Bears will find out what Justin Fields brings

The arguments for both sides are played out. If you watched Justin Fields he is electric, but even when he made big plays, his team lost. That is because a lot of the plays he made were out of structure and on the run, The offense was a bit gimmicky. Still, the counter to that is that the team had a bad line, and a group of skill players. The cycle goes back and forth.

This year there will be no excuses. The Chicago Bears front office dipped their toes into the Fields experience before buying in.

Some of it is because the team did not have the assets to do it, but Ryan Poles did not go out of his way to make life easy for Fields in 2022. However, the second Fields showed any sort of life, he started to buy.

It was right after the Patriots game, one of the best games by Justin Fields when the team traded for Chase Claypool. With the number one pick the Bears moved off of a quarterback, and made sure to include D.J. Moore in the return.

Then, they drafted Tyler Scott in round four. The Bears brought back the starting three wideouts from last year in Dante Pettis, Equamineous St. Brown, and Darnell Mooney. Despite no losses, they added three more names.

In trading down and adding Moore, they then used that pick on a right tackle. If they stayed at one, they were taking a quarterback, and if they stayed in the top five it was probably defense. They moved to down to nine to make sure they got a wideout for Fields, and a lineman for Fields.

That is in addition to Nate Davis in free agency. They even signed D'Onta Foreman and Travis Homer but still made sure to add Roschon Johnson. Three running backs, three wide receivers, and two offensive linemen. Those are all the new names that have come in since last offseason, and all of them may have a role.

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Justin Fields may prove to not be that guy moving forward, but we could not say for sure after last year, despite the Bears picking first overall. After this season, there will be no more excuses, and this will all be on him.