6 biggest disappointments on Chicago Bears half way through 2023 season

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Chase Claypool
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3. The Chicago Bears ended the Chase Claypool nightmare

This feels so long ago that it could not have happened this season. Yes, the Chicago Bears started Chase Claypool this season and as recently as the Kansas City Chiefs game in week three. 

Chase Claypool has not done much in Miami, but this was still a nightmare for the Chicago Bears. They have not found a second wideout to step up beside DJ Moore. Cole Kmet is the clear number two.

Tyler Scott and Equaimeous St. Brown morphed together would be good, but apart, they both lack significant skills, and Darnell Mooney is in the slot. He has been up and down this year. 

If they had a big body that could block on the outside and also stretch the field, this offense would be just as they would like it to be. They got almost nothing for Claypool, and they do not have the piece their offense needs, oh, and Joey Porter Jr. was following DeAndre Hopkins in a Steelers win when we saw him last. That was the pick that the Steelers got for Claypool. 

This is, fortunately, one of the last times we have to re-live this.