5 biggest positions of need for Chicago Bears this offseason

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2. Will the Chicago Bears finally address center?

The Chicago Bears have to address center this offseason. Everyone thought that it would be smart for them to address it last year, but they came into the season with Cody Whitehair and Lucas Patrick instead. It is hard to say who had a worse season between the two. 

So, both of them will be gone this year. Dan Feeney is a free agent, but the Bears may want to retain him as depth. Still, that would lead to the team having a backup center and not a starter. They need to find a way to add a starting center this year. 

When you look at their line, they have a left tackle, right tackle, and left and right guards locked in. Three of them are on their rookie contract. If they can add another young, talented starter in the middle, this line would be in place and ready for anyone who is going to start at quarterback this year. This would be a great situation to fall into next year.