10 biggest questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to Detroit Lions

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Is Matt Eberflus doing too much for the Chicago Bears?

Last year, one of the big praises for Matt Eberflus was that he was doing a good job in the CEO type of role. His teams were buttoned up. They played clean; they just lacked talent. This year, the team has more talent, but they play a lot more sloppy. Penalties and missed tackles are much worse this year despite the talent increase. 

Beyond that, the Bears' personnel decisions and play-calling have gotten worse since it got better last year. This has to be on Matt Eberflus. Eberflus took over and said that he would not call the defense. He believed that the coach needed to oversee the whole team, and how could you do that if you were focused on calling a defense?

Now, he is calling the defense. It is not quite his fault, as Alan Williams left due to personal reasons. Still, it has caused him to lose touch with a lot of the small things he focused on last season, and it is showing. 

Should Eberflus give up play calling, or should he even get the chance after he goes against everything he said in his introductory press conference? He is not showing enough progress or belief that he can get better.