3 biggest reasons Matt Eberflus will stay as Chicago Bears head coach 

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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With two games to go, it feels like Matt Eberflus has his job hanging in the balance every week. As the Chicago Bears have a chance to finish with seven and potentially eight wins, there is momentum toward Eberflus sticking around as the coach next year. What is the biggest case for him staying?

3. The Chicago Bears have already doubled their win total 

When Matt Eberflus was hired, pretty much every Chicago Bears fan knew that it would probably be a long-term hire. The roster was in a bad spot, and things were not going to get fixed in one offseason. Eberflus was in a bad spot last year and finished with three wins.

Still, the roster turned around this year, and so did the record. Yes, the Chicago Bears did not finish over .500, and they are very unlikely to make the playoffs. However, going from three to six, seven, and maybe eight wins is a massive turnaround in the NFL. 

When you hear that a coach took a roster that was bottomed out, and then in the second season, he doubled their win total, you do not think of a coach who is going to get fired or a coach who is on the hot seat. You would think that this is a coach showing signs of progress. 

His timeline was never expected to win this year, and it was all about growth. Some fans think there could have been more growth, and they have blown tight games, but this is still a team trending up at the right time, thanks to Matt Eberflus.