5 bold predictions for Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Chargers

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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1. Tyson Bagent will turn the ball over multiple times against the Los Angeles Chargers

After Tyson Bagent looked like a rookie UDFA and turned the ball over twice against the Minnesota Vikings, I wrote for Chicago Bears fans to relax because Tyson Bagent would play a lot better. Now that I have been proven right for one week, and fans have become confident that Bagent will light up a bad Chargers defense, I am calling for him to fall back apart in a loss.

The Chargers defense has looked bad, but some of that has to do with playing against Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, the Dolphins, Kirk Cousins when Justin Jefferson was healthy, and the Titans back when Ryan Tannehill and Treylon Burks were healthy. They saw the best of these offenses. Now, they get a rookie UDFA quarterback.

As we noted, Khalil Mack or whoever the Chargers lineup against Larry Borom will be a mismatch. Worse than that, the Chargers should move the ball and score. Yes, the Bears defense looks better. They also got to play Cousins without Jefferson and the Raiders with Brian Hoyer. They faced Sam Howell, Russell Wilson, and Baker Mayfield. The Packers lit them up, and Patrick Mahomes lit them up. Justin Herbert is much closer to the latter two than the former.

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This will not be a game where the Bears can get a lead and run the ball. This is a game where Tyson Bagent will have to push the ball downfield and add more to his game. He cannot do that, and we will see that he is mainly a game manager right now. In comeback mode, the turnovers will continue to come in bunches.