3 reasons Chicago Bears can trust Tyson Bagent to play better vs Las Vegas Raiders

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The Chicago Bears are likely going to be giving Tyson Bagent his first career NFL start at quarterback on Sunday. This is a big jump up from Shephard or even the Senior Bowl, where he connected with Luke Getsy, causing him to sign with the Bears as a UDFA.

Bagent led a scoring drive against Minnesota, but they were down two scores. In the drives during a one-score game, he threw an interception and had a sack-fumble that led to a score. It was fair to assume the Bears lost the game the second Justin Fields went down, but it is also fair to assume Tyson Bagent will perform better this Sunday than he did last Sunday.

3. Tyson Bagent has time to prepare as the Chicago Bears starter

It is so much harder for a quarterback to come in cold than it is for him to have time to prepare as the starter. You have to think about how much time Tyson Bagent spent at practice actually working on his game. All week Justin Fields gets as many reps as he can handle, and Bagent takes whatever is left. Bagent spends his time helping Fields in any way he can.

He was ready to fill in, but it is always tough in that spot. Now, the week is his. He can run first-team all week and will get every rep. The Chicago Bears should and will have a gameplan more suited for his skill set. It may be easier for them because they have been trying to get Justin Fields to play a style that fits Bagent and his skill set more.

Also, Bagent will have all of that time to study the Raiders' defense and know what they are going to do against him. He will come in prepared, he will have time with the skill players he did not, and the game plan will be for him and not Justin Fields. It is easy to see this going better.