3 bold predictions for Chicago Bears quarterbacks in 2023

Bold predictions for Justin Fields, P.J. Walker and Nathan Peterman

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This will be an important year for the Chicago Bears quarterbacks. Why not get a little bold, and make some calls for what could happen this year. We are looking at the entire quarterbacks room before the start of the first preseason game.

3. Justin Fields plays well enough to earn a contract from the Chicago Bears

This is a make-or-break season for Justin Fields. He has a top-ten pick at right tackle, and his left tackle is entering year two. The interior is locked in. The Chicago Bears traded for DJ Moore, they traded for Chase Claypool, they drafted Tyler Scott, they did everything that you need to do to support Fields and have him ready for this season.

The Chicago Bears will have to decide on the fifth-year option for Fields after this year. However, our prediction is that Fields will not get that picked up. That is because the team will feel so good that they get an extension done before hand.

Fields have given the team every reason to believe that he can take that step this year. The team is built around him, and they follow him as the leader. He has the physical presence, and everything is in place for that breakout season.

What will solidfy this for Fields is that he will not just do it rushing, but he will be the man passing the football. DJ Moore will help him launch his career and take that step into being an elite passer of the football. It will give him the confidence to throw the ball, rather than tuck and run. He may not rush for the same stats as last year, but every passing stat will improve.