10 burning questions Chicago Bears must answer in week one

There are questions at every position when the Chicago Bears kick off their season against the Green Bay Packers

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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7. Did things speed up for Justin Fields?

This will be the question throughout the year, but the vibes will start based on how Justin Fields performs in this game. First, he has not beaten the Green Bay Packers yet. Second, this is a make-or-break year for him. Even though the offensive line has its questions, the Chicago Bears did enough for Fields that there are no questions about whether he had adequate help.

If Justin Fields does not play better this year, it is on him. The Green Bay Packers defense is talented on paper, but it never seems to live up to those expectations. Some of that could be because their defensive coordinator has struggled.

They brought him back, and while they look good on paper again, that is a real question with this roster. If Justin Fields has a better line, better skill players, and a defense he has seen before, and he still is hesitating, it is hard to say he will get better as the year goes on. Our thoughts on Fields for the rest of the season may hinge on this week.