Caleb Williams impact on players wanting to play for the Chicago Bears

Can Caleb Williams make players want to join him in Chicago?
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With the Chicago Bears holding the first overall pick and the evident need at quarterback, it is becoming very likely that the Bears will be selecting a quarterback first overall. All signs point to that quarterback being Caleb Williams.

The Chicago Bears have only invited one quarterback prospect for a top-30 visit, and that is Caleb Williams. This suggests that the Bears have identified Williams as their guy and are planning to build their team around him in the coming years.

Does Caleb Williams make the Bears a top destination for free agents and draft prospects?

Many players in the NFL want to play for a team with a talented quarterback and a good chance of winning the Super Bowl. This has been shown in the past by players such as Deion Sanders, who left the Falcons to join the 49ers and Cowboys in pursuit of a championship ring, and Randy Moss, who joined forces with Tom Brady and the Patriots with the same goal in mind.

Caleb Williams has yet to play a snap in an NFL game, so it is likely too early to tell if he will make a big difference with guys in the NFL wanting to come play for him, but he certainly has already gained the respect of Keenan Allen who showed up to Williams pro day to show support for his likely future quarterback. He has also got some fellow prospects who may be looking to play with him in Chicago. Xavier Worthy took to Instagram to make sure Caleb Williams knew he knew he was taking a visit with the Bears.

Although he has yet to take a snap in the NFL, one has to believe that players around the league will be keeping a close eye on him and how he develops. If Williams can have a rookie year like C.J. Stroud, we could see players around the league want to play in Chicago like we have seen them want to play with Stroud in Houston.

The next few weeks will offer an early indication of how players respond to Caleb Williams being the starting quarterback and how the Chicago team plans to build around him. Regardless of the outcome, Chicago will be in the spotlight for the next few years, and hopefully, the Bears will be a destination that attracts top talent for years to come.

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