4 changes Chicago Bears made to beat the Detroit Lions

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The Chicago Bears came out of the bye week at their healthiest and with their starting lineup as close to locked in as you have seen all season. With that in mind, the team did not make many significant changes, but they did shuffle some things up coming out of the bye.

What were the most noticeable differences as the Bears beat the Detroit Lions?

4. The Chicago Bears went back to D’onta Foreman as their starter at running back 

There was a question as to who the Chicago Bears would start at running back coming out of the bye week. The team had been starting Roschon Johnson before the bye, but that was because D’onta Foreman was hurt. However, Foreman was only starting because Khalil Herbert was hurt. All three were healthy coming out of the bye; how did things shake out?

Foreman had 56% of the snaps and 42% of the carries. Herbert had 17% of the snaps and 12% of the carries, while Johnson had 27% of the snaps but just 4% of the carries. Mainly, this is now Foreman's backfield. 

He does not play well as a pass catcher or in pass protection, so the Bears use Johnson in this area. Johnson played 86% of the long down and distance snaps and got all of the two-minute drive snaps. 

Meanwhile, Herbert is just being mixed in right now. He has not been nearly as explosive since returning from his ankle injury, and the Bears seem to know it. He had 16 rushing attempts after returning from his injury in week 11. In the two games after that, he has nine carries combined. 

As the weather gets colder, the Bears need a thumper, and Foreman can deliver those blows. The rookie Johnson may get more work, but for now, Foreman is the main back, Johnson is the passing down back, and Herbert will check in for a change of pace here and there.