5 changes the Chicago Bears made to beat the Washinton Commanders

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Chicago Bears Offseason Workout, Gervon Dexter
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2. The Chicago Bears are moving their defensive lineman around more often

The Chicago Bears needed to get more out of their defensive line. It helped that they blitzed more, but they also shuffled their lineman around a bit more. In the past two weeks, they have started to give Yannick Ngakoue easier matchups. He has played against left tackles most often.

However, against Denver, Mike McGlinchey is worse than Garrett Bolles, and against Washington, their weak spot was Andrew Wylie at right tackle. The Bears lined up Ngakoue on the right tackle 36 times in the first three weeks, which was just 25% of the time.

However, they lined him up on the right tackle 31 times in the past two weeks, a 31% rate. He was more successful and made the line have to think more. Beyond that, they finally got DeMarcus Walker inside, which had been one of the best parts of his game. No wonder he had his best game with the Bears. Walker had 12 snaps against interior linemen this week after just 21 in the first four games. That is a big change.

Lastly, we saw more Gervon Dexter. After playing 33 snaps in week two, he only played 26 snaps in week three, and then 10 snaps in week four. We saw a heavy dose, with 33 snaps this week. It was the best game of his career as well.

The Bears need to move these guys around, get the best matchups, and keep them fresh. That is why they added depth over talent. Now, we are seeing the depth shine.