Chicago Bears 2023 Draft: The players Ryan Poles should have drafted at each pick

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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The 2023 NFL Draft is officially over, but that does not mean it is completely behind us. We will be looking back at this draft class for a few years to see where teams went wrong and where teams got it right. As of today, it is a little silly to be giving out draft grades based on specific players. That said, it is also fun to try and determine if the player made sense for the organization and grade the decision-making process as much as the player himself.

Hindsight is always 20/20. At least that's what they say, right? When a general manager makes a draft selection, he has little to no idea exactly how his pick could influence the rest of the draft. 259 players were selected through seven different rounds. No matter how prepared a general manager and his staff can be, there is no one and I mean no one who can predict each and every pick.

Just look at how Mel Kiper had Adetomiwa Adebawore in his top-20 prospects. A player I originally had a third-round grade on but moved up based on other analysts' "hearing" he could go higher. Kiper expected him to go in the first round or at the very least the second round. Well, he was not drafted until the fourth round. Yep, the fourth round. I will be sticking to my original convictions and trusting my own process more going forward.

With that, I am going to go back through the draft and look at who I believe Ryan Poles should have taken instead. Some players might remain the same, however, others could change. Let me preface this by saying it does not mean I think Poles did a poor job. I think Poles is proving to be a great general manger. I just have a different thought-process and believe the Chicago Bears should have gone in a different direction at times in the 2023 NFL Draft.