Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Bears address the trenches and trade down in full mock

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Chicago Bears Draft Pick No. 161: Tyler Lacy, DL

The next five on the board:
Dylan Horton
Jaylon Jones
Chase Brown
Jaxson Kirkland
Hunter Luepke FB

The Chicago Bears would stick with a hybrid rusher style with this draft pick. Much like Zach Harrison, Lacy can rush from the outside or the inside. Lacy would be the future 3T on this defense. He played around 290 in college and is built like a greek-god. Lacy was 6'4, 279 pounds, with 11" hands at the combine. His hands are so big they could easily wrap around a quarterbacks helmet. That would be a penalty, but you get what I am saying. Oklahoma State used him incorrectly. It isn't their fault. They saw a man who could bench 30 reps of 225 and figured he could hold the POA against two players.

Lacy should have been given the green light to attack downhill. There are few players with his size, speed, and strength in this draft class. He is quick off the line and reads the defense well since he was two-gapping most of the time. What is a bonus is he doesn't play with pure power since he was asked to two-gap. His finesse pass rush moves are up to standard when given the green light. He continues the trend of 6'4-5, 275-285 pound pass rushers the Bears are accumulating.

The Chicago Bears defensive line could look like this:

LDE: Demarcus Walker, Zach Harrison (or TL), Rasheem Green
3DT: Justin Jones, Tyler Lacey (or ZH)
NDT: Andrew Billings, Andrew Brown
RDE: Trevis Gipson, Dominque Robinson, Andre Carter