Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 71 Greg Stroman

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The countdown of the Chicago Bears roster is continuing as we countdown the days until the team gets to training camp. This list focuses on who can make the biggest impact on the roster, and who has the best shot at making the roster.

The countdown continues with number 71, cornerback Greg Stroman

Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 71 Greg Stroman

Last season roster ranking: Number 61

Last season Greg Stroman was ranked 61, and while he stuck around to come back this year, he fell down to number 71 in our rankings for the 2023 season. The Chicago Bears may be ready to move on from Stroman in a perfect world.

Stroman was a former seventh-round pick who had a strong start to his career as a rookie in 2018. However, an injury in 2019 cost him the majority of his career. He has 460 career snaps, and 387 came as a rookie. Then, 70 of them came in 2022, with the Chicago Bears, after he missed the entire 2021 season.

Even the 70 snaps he played last season came in week 18 when the Chicago Bears essentially were in a position to lock in the number one pick by resting anyone that they could. Stroman spent almost the entire year on the practice squad.

Now, he will be 28 by the end of this season. More than that, the depth chart just got a lot deeper. The Chicago Bears drafted Tyrique Stevenson in the second round, then added Terrel Smith in round five. Both of them jump right above Stroman.

More than that, both UDFAs last year, Jaylon Jones and Josh Blackwell, showed enough in 2021 to get more chances. The odds are that both of them are well over Stroman, considering they are younger, signed to a longer deal, and there is more untapped upside to be found.

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Greg Stroman is good depth, and he has NFL experience, which is what gets him this close to number 70. However, he is not long for the roster, and is not close enough to the top 53 in 2023.