Chicago Bears 2024 Mock Draft: Latest rumors and reports fuel two first-round trades

Two quarterback-hungry teams might greatly influence the draft for Ryan Poles

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles, 2024 NFL Draft
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles, 2024 NFL Draft / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Until Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears make a decision regarding their no. 1 pick and Justin Fields, we're going to continue seeing plenty of rumors.

Hopefully, we are only about a month or so away from a decision. Free agency begins March 13, and the Bears would ideally like to have made a decision before the new league year opens.

Will Justin Fields be sticking around? Or, will the Bears go with Caleb Williams at no. 1 overall? Those seem to be the only two real options being weighed.

Well, based on a couple of recent reports from reputable sources, we could be seeing the start of a couple of moves being made.

The latest rumors suggest the Chicago Bears could not only stick with Justin Fields, but pull off a pair of monumental trades.

Pro Football Focus' Brad Spielberger is a known follow for Bears fans, and he recently put out some significant news bits in regards to the Washington Commanders hiring Kliff Kingsbury, the Caleb Williams/Colin Cowherd saga and what the Bears could get from Washington moving up just one spot.

So, Williams isn't opposed to the Bears and trains at the spot where new Bears offensive coordinator Shane Waldron works. But, the big piece of information in the above post has to do with Washington.

The Commanders hired Kliff Kingsbury to be their new offensive coordinator, just days after it was reported that Kingsbury would be hired in Las Vegas. Kingsbury withdrew his name from the Vegas job, somewhat abruptly, which might lead me to believe he thinks it's possible for the Commanders to land his former USC quarterback. Oh, and Williams seems to be pretty happy for his guy Kingsbury after landing the Washington gig.

With this information in mind, let's take it and run with it.

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