History says Chicago Bears are unlikely to draft this player if they own the top pick

There isn't a guarantee that the Chicago Bears own the top spot in the 2024 NFL Draft, but their chances of being at the top of the draft order are very high thanks to a 2023 trade with the Carolina Panthers. Should the Bears finish with the top pick in the draft, it's unlikely that they look at selecting a certain player fans are hoping to see land on this roster.
Chicago Bears, 2024 NFL Draft
Chicago Bears, 2024 NFL Draft / Jon Durr/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears came out victorious over the Carolina Panthers in Week 10. In a game that felt like the Bears couldn't lose, beating the Panthers was still the best outcome. Losing would have meant the Bears and Panthers would both have two wins. The Cardinals would hold the top pick and the Chicago Bears would hold second and third overall. Personally, holding first overall with a top-five pick is better than second and third overall. The first pick in the draft will hold amazing value from a trade perspective -- especially with this year's quarterback class.

This does not necessarily mean that Ryan Poles will trade the top spot in the 2024 NFL Draft. Last year, Poles made a trade with the Panthers ahead of Draft Day. I think if Poles holds the cards with the top spot in next year's draft and decides to trade out of it, he will wait until closer to Draft Day to move down. It's only November, and sad that we are even talking about the 2024 NFL Draft, but this team has proven it won't compete in 2023. Fans are holding out hope for some major changes next year.

The Chicago Bears have options, but Marvin Harrison, Jr. isn't happening

I want the Chicago Bears to find a way to land Marvin Harrison, Jr. in the 2024 NFL Draft, but to do so might require going against history. If I had to bet, Harrison is a lock to be a top-3 pick next year. Some think he's a top-five pick (which he is), but I don't see him sliding past third overall. Personally, I currently have Harrison as the second-best prospect declaring for the draft. I have him ahead of both Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. I have Olu Fashanu as my top prospect, but he hasn't looked as good as of late either. Harrison is a slam dunk but I love the positional value of a left tackle more.