A review of the controversies regarding the Chicago Bears 53-man roster

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Chicago Bears, Travis Homer
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Chicago Bears Roster: The running backs are next

I have mentioned that the Chicago Bears will be a running team. It's not a copout. Matt Eberflus specifically wanted an offense that is operated by a Shanahan operation. Insert Luke Getsy. Currently, the Bears have five running backs on the roster. I predicted that D'Onta Forman could have been a surprise along with Trevis Gibson, but that wasn't the case. Each running back specializes in something different or has a weakness in a specific area. Take it how you will.

  • Khalil Herbert

Herbert is expected to be the lead back but struggles with pass protection and catching. He is the most explosive guy, not named Travis Homer.

  • D'Onta Forman

Forman is the meat grinder with the same issues as Herbert but is solidly explosive for a big guy.

  • Roschon Johnson

Many fans think of Johnson as a running back savior, but he is currently a Jack-of-all-trades player. Johnson's best attributes are pass protection and pass catching. There was no doubt that he was going to make this roster.

  • Travis Homer

Homer was a player many Bear fans were surprised to make the roster after the Bears drafted Roschon Johnson. It is still early, and that could happen, but Homer is a smaller version of Johnson. Homer's special teams ability could keep him on the roster and stop one of the other three running backs from suiting up on game day. It is hard to tell what will happen while the roster is still being turned over.

  • Khari Blasingame

The fullback is here to stay in the Luke Getsy system. In the past, the Bears have used the hybrid tight end position (as the Green Bay Packers are) as a fullback, but the Bears are staying traditional. Heck, one of the players they cut was a fullback with some upside. Again, the Chicago Bears want to run the football.